ETC has been on quite a run recently as favorable technicals combined with improving fundamentals encouraged investors to take another look at the Ethereum offshoot.

The kickback from an incredibly oversold market earlier this week continues as late shorts continue to get squeezed which has driven price well above 100.

As usual, we will refrain from making judgements about the fundamentals of Ether given the controversy continues to run high following months of hard forks.

XMR continues to outperform almost every other altcoin, especially considering the 20+% move we saw today, although this time the price action was driven by a fundamental catalyst rather than a confluence of technicals.

Monero has been bullishly biased over the past few weeks, although we really didn't see an acceleration in buying until this past weekend.

Up until today XMR had been in a choppy range trade between 65 - 75, one that was pressing up against the medium term downtrend line as it extended.