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Our BullBear ProTrades have outperformed a buy & hold strategy by 1500+% over the past two years

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A traditional buy and hold strategy cannot match our performance. Using proprietary analysis, we define the right moments to buy bitcoin and altcoins, when to sell, and when to protect gains.
You’ll receive unique insights and ideas on Bitcoin, Monero, & Dash as well as other unique profit opportunities we identify, from stocks to gold: When to buy, when to sell, and when to hold on tight.

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What You Get:
  • Cryptocurrency price updates every Monday through Friday
  • Valuable insight on bitcoin, altcoins, finance, economics and politics
  • Access via secure login, daily email alerts, and actionable ProTrade ideas

Our Services

  •  Bitcoin Forecasts

    You will get a simple and actionable forecast grid that enables profitable, long, mid and short term bitcoin trading.

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  • ProTrade Setups

    ProTrades give the most actionable bitcoin trading setups, while maintaining proper risk management. They contain the trading direction (LONG / SHORT), profit targets, stop-losses, and support & resistance zones. These ProTrades are monitored extremely closely on a daily basis, and are updated live when the market situation warrants. Our ProTrades are the most successful trades in the bitcoins sphere.

  • Bitcoin Analysis

    Our experienced cryptocurrency analysts constantly monitor the charts to stay on top of bitcoin price trends. We use some of the most popular, but also many proprietary indicators and tools that are uniquely proven to enable bitcoin forecasts to outperform a buy & hold strategy. Over the past 2 years, our #1 bitcoin forecasts have outperformed buy & hold by 1,662%.

  • Full Weekly Report

    Our most popular full weekly report covers the bitcoin forecasts, all in-depth analyses, multiple bitcoin charts across all key timeframes. On top, you will get detailed resistance and support levels as well as special market commentary by the lead analyst and editor in chief. This also covers a lot of "insider" information.

  •  Daily Market Updates

    Our short term updates come on a daily basis. These updates provide insight on current events, short term TA, and ProTrade ideas. Daily price updates give you actionable and tradeable analysis with crisp commentary, and of course the most up-to-date bitcoin charts.

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Per Month
  • Bitcoin Forecasts
  • Bitcoin Analysis
  • Full Weekly Report
  • Daily Market Updates
  • Email Notifications
  • ProTrade Setups
  • Crypto BullBear
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Per Month*
  • Bitcoin Forecasts
  • Bitcoin Analysis
  • Full Weekly Report
  • Daily Market Updates
  • Email Notifications
  • ProTrade Setups
  • Crypto BullBear
  • Premium Chat
$74.85 / 3 Months
$275.40 / 12 Months

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 Day Money-Back

When you purchase a 12 month (yearly) subscription, you're protected by our iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, after the first 30 days, you absolutely hate the report and can't get any value from it, simply let us know you want to cancel your subscription and we will refund you the remainder of your balance.

Testimonials From Happy and Profitable Members:

"I could not be more satisfied with the service you provide. Rarely have you steered me wrong with your analysis and due largely in part to your analysis the last three months have been incredibly profitable for me. Anyway, I'm very much interested in continuing my subscription."Anonymous
"You gave us the ability to act on trends as they were happening, in an informed decision... I've sure appreciated your timely updates... Your annual subscription will have paid for itself many times over."Chris

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Here's some of what you get from BullBear Analytics Reports & Short Term Updates:

  • Proprietary BullBear Trading Ideas — Providing specific, high probability trade setups customized for each individual's risk and time preferences.
  • Technical Analysis — It is our job to present the analysis and forecast the direction of prices through the study of past market data so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Elliot Wave Labeling — Used to forecast market trends by identifying extremes in investor psychology, highs and lows in prices, and other collective cyclical factors.
  • Candlestick Patterns — Helps predict short term market movement (over 42 patterns that can be leveraged for profitability).
  • Coverage Universe — Current coverage includes unparalleled analysis of the Bitcoin, Monero, and Dash markets
  • Forecast Timeframes — Regardless of your investment horizon or trading style, we have you covered:
  • Long-Term Outlook (Wk/Mo).
  • Medium-Term Outlook (Wk/Mo).
  • Short-Term Outlook (Day/Wk).
  • Near-Term Outlook (Hr/Day).
BullBear Analytics Weekly Report - Stocks, Precious Metals, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Technical Analysis, Elliot Wave
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  • Comprehensive Weekly Reports and Short-Term Updates Monday through Friday.
  • Get Access via secure login.
  • Email price alerts when market conditions warrant it.

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Get 2 Months FREE With ActivePro Yearly Membership 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 Day Money-Back

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