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It comes as no surprise that bitcoin has been unable to break above the previously discussed 3600 $ resistance level over the past 24 hours considering how significant that area has become

Despite the relatively bullish setup that we discussed yesterday on the daily chart, the 3-day reinforces how bearish things are overall

Again, the fact that the prevailing LT trend remains down and most of the technicals remain bearish still point to the likelihood of another new cycle low before all is said and done, but we must admit that we are not as confident in that forecast as we were just a few short days ago.

We have scaled into MCO since we have tested the August 2017

6th December we added to our SALT position and by keeping our position size low we can limit our down side

We return to the daily XMRBTC chart today for a look at how much damage has been done to the technicals over the past 24 hours