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Bitcoin Technical AnalysisBitcoin Technical Analysis was started by us in 2010, just some months after bitcoin was "born".

We are back with another edition of our yearly market cryptocurrency and especially bitcoin price prediction!

While some newer crypto traders may be scratching their heads as to what the hell just happened in the altcoin markets over the past 24 hours (LTC, PPC, NMC), those of us that have been around for awhile have seen this movie before (particularly on BTC-e).

As the first quarter of 2015 nears a close, we wanted to take a look at a number of charts to see if we can glean some useful information going forward.

​We will leave the price talk to the analytical sections below because this week we want to discuss a pressing and existentially important issue facing bitcoin at the present time.

Many financial market pundits, especially those of the conservative variety, have been licking their chops as they bring their special brand of “I told you so”s to bear upon the last 10 months of decline in Bitcoin’s trading value, especially after this past weekend.