Bitcoin Price Report for October 19, 2016

Oct 19, 2016 --- (ARCHIVED) Free Reports

Market Commentary (BTC):  

Indeed we could see the process of resetting the indicators commence yesterday on the 6-hour chart, however that still leaves the 12-hour and daily charts left that need to sync up with the now favorable shorter term charts. This could materialize in one of two ways in our opinion: 1.)  The market stays stagnant while all timeframes align on oversold conditions, or 2.) we take a jaunt to the downside to test the [members-only text] to truly reset momentum and washout weak hands.

Today we are taking a look at the 12-hour chart below, which we mentioned already in terms of needing more of an indicator correction than what has occurred so far.  [members-only text]  Also notice that what was fairly bullish near term market structure yesterday has morphed into bearish market structure today on this timeframe, not to mention the fact that volume profile remains porous between 600 and 625 $ while total exchange volumes are relatively swift and bearish. Finally, the near term EMA's are about to cross over to the downside while the 200-period SMA continues to flatline, both of which tell us that [members-only text]

Moving on to the more bullish indications, we can see that there is still a working near term uptrend line now sitting around 625 $, so as long as this level holds the bulls should remain in control.  Additionally, RSI is already almost back to the 50-line, Willy is finally coming down out of officially overbought territory, PPO has gone from flashing major sell signals to minor ones, and MACD remains pinned near the zeroline.  Lastly, if the do bears to begin to get their claws in the market to take it lower there is a significant confluence area in the [members-only text] range consisting of [members-only text].

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