POWR - Member's Trade Alert

Jan 9, 2019 --- Altcoins

POWR - Member's Trade Alert

You can find our previous POWR trades here.

We have started scaling back into POWR through this bear market, OBV has remained strong throughout leading us to think that there is accumulation and that the insiders are still long. Since the low in November the price action as tested it but managed to find support and therefore we feel comfortable slowly entering this market again. We will build into the position on further bullish setups. MACD is positive and Willy was oversold and still rather oversold. Fundamentals are also strong with POWR being used as they continue commercialising their products use cases

We will consider a LONG position on a move down to the 0.000xxxx - 0.0000xxxx area with a stop around 0.0000xxxx and a target of 0.0000xxxx.


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