Cryptocurrency News and Market Reports

KNC (Kyber Network) position established against the all time lows following a market structure bottom.

October 14th we established a NPXS position

WTC position established, since we had a bottom come in on good volume around the 30,000 level

While some newer crypto traders may be scratching their heads as to what the hell just happened in the altcoin markets over the past 24 hours (LTC, PPC, NMC), those of us that have been around for awhile have seen this movie before (particularly on BTC-e).

The allure of a quick buck is difficult to resist which is why many traders are drawn to the high volatility and large potential returns of cryptocurrency “altcoin” trading, but there are some things one should keep in mind when looking to play in those markets. FYI, altcoins are decentralized digital currencies like bitcoin that are secured by cryptography.