Ethereum trading cryptocurrency market update for Feb 20, 2019

Feb 23, 2019 --- Altcoins

Ethereum trading cryptocurrency market update for Feb 20, 2019

Weekly Chart

The ETH BTC weekly chart continues to slowly and incrementally improve as price continues to consolidate around the 0.0xx level which is keeping SCMR signals bright green, short-term market structure bullish, and dynamic support active, all of which bodes well for the bulls moving forward, although the current candle formation is quite bearish and is coming in the lower supply area so we need to stay aware of the possibility of a short-term pullback before sustainable upside above 0.0xx. That said, given the current state of the momentum and volume indications we cannot rule out a spike up to the 0.0xx area over the VST which is why we are staying in the ProTrade for the final target.

Short term Members ProTrade - We will stay in the remaining portion of the LONG position off of the 0.0xx level with a stop around breakeven and a final target of 0.0xx

ENTERED @ 0.030; PARTIAL PROFITS TAKEN @ 0.0325 & 0.035

Medium term Members ProTrade - We will consider a LONG position on a selloff down to the 0.0xx - 0.0xx area with a stop around 0.0xx and a target of 0.0xx.

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