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NEW: Safe Asset and Wealth Protection Coverage
(5/24/2015) - Wealth Protection with the SAFE ASSET & WEALTH Portfolio We are starting a new coverage. It builds on the huge interest we got from worldwide investors and traders when we provided analyses on asset and wealth protection last year. This is why we decided to regularly publish our new wealth protection portfolio: The Safe Asset & Wealth (SAW) portfolio is designed to provide valuable insights for global investors in terms of protecting their assets in an efficient and foremost, very simple way. Apart from an overall objective to design a simple portfolio, the second objective is to try to protect people from the unavoidable stock ...
Bitcoin Forecast Review: Bitcoin Prices Are Following Us!
(5/23/2015) - An Example of Successful Bitcoin Forecasts Here, we would like to share a successful example of successful bitcoin forecasts – the most popular bitcoin forecasting service. These are the key building blocks for the significant outperformance of the Bitcoin BullBear subscription services. It enables our subscribers to not only beat the buy and hold strategies by 1,662 %, but also “just” avoid to lose asset value when bitcoin is in a bear market (which is has been since early 2014). On Friday, February 13, 2015, we issued the following bitcoin forecast to our premium members:  “Long on a consolidation in the 236 to 238 $ range ...
Bitcoin at a Crossroads
(5/14/2015) - Originally published in the Bitcoin BullBear Weekly Report released on 5/12/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. There are points in time that feel more significant than others, and this seems to be one of those times for bitcoin. Following a hold of the key 210 $ level (again) price rallied up to strong resistance at 250 $. So now what? From a purely technical perspective, the current medium term price range of 210 to 260 $ is extremely important to how the rest of 2015 will materialize. The bears are adamant that price must head back down to the low 100’s ...
BBA Bitcoin Correlation Report: May 2015
(5/5/2015) - Written by @AKWAnalytics Commentary: With bitcoin at a critical juncture in regard to both price and time, we return to our correlation analysis to see if there is anything we can glean from the macro picture.  There have been some interesting developments over the past month, however many of the trends identified in our previous report are holding true.  That said, we did add another market, the ETF proxy for China (FXI), due to the fact that China’s stock market has been on a tear lately and bitcoin remains very popular there as well. In general, bitcoin continues to exhibit independence in ...
BBA Weekly Bitcoin Brief for May 1, 2015
(5/1/2015) - Originally published in the Bitcoin BullBear Weekly Report released on 4/30/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. Bitcoin bulls were pleasantly surprised yesterday as news of a Goldman Sachs investment in bitcoin payment start-up Circle took prices up 10 $ in a matter of minutes. Despite the bullish news, we have seen this movie before… There is no doubt that the newsflow surrounding bitcoin, the blockchain, and crytocurrencies in general has improved over the past month or so. The press seems to be shifting from cybercrime to payment efficiency, which is certainly a step in the right direction. Also, VC funding from increasingly ...
Yet Another Bitcoin Black Eye
(4/28/2015) - Originally published in a Bitcoin BullBear Daily Price Update released on 4/28/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. Following what can only be described as bizarre action on BTC-E late yesterday afternoon, price has since settled back into the downtrend for another run at 220 $.  We are still in the dark as to what actually happened, but regardless of cause it doesn’t look good.  First of all, any market that can spike 20+% multiple times in a matter of minutes obviously does not have adequate liquidity for active trading. Additionally, we couldn’t help but notice that these types of flurries of ...
Something Wicked This Way Comes for Bitcoin
(4/10/2015) - Originally published in the Bitcoin BullBear Weekly Report released on 4/8/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. Earlier in the week the bulls fumbled the ball once again as price broke back below 250 $ on heavy volume. Now that the uptrend off the 166.45 $ low has been broken and held, it is hard to imagine that we don’t see lower prices in the near future. Bad press continues to haunt the bitcoin market. This week it was brought to light by a board member that the Bitcoin Foundation is essentially insolvent due to mismanagement. While this comes as no surprise to ...
Bitcoin Bears are Back for Blood
(3/31/2015) - Originally published in the Bitcoin BullBear Weekly Report released on 3/30/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. If you would have checked out on Friday and not looked at bitcoin prices all weekend, you would assume that it was another flat few days. Truth is, there was a lot of action over the weekend that could be very telling about where we go from here as we head into spring and summer. Unfortunately for the bulls, the resolution this weekend was to the downside following a failure to breakout above trendline, fibonacci, and historical resistance. This is not a good sign of ...
BullBear Analytics’ Bitcoin Correlation Analysis for Q1 2015
(3/26/2015) - Originally published as a BullBear Analytics Special Report released on 3/26/2015.  Written by @AKWAnalytics. Commentary: As the first quarter of 2015 nears a close, we wanted to take a look at a number of charts to see if we can glean some useful information going forward.  This was triggered by our analysts noticing that many assumed correlations to other asset classes such as the US dollar and gold were actually empirically tenuous.  What we found after putting together the data was that bitcoin in its current state is truly uncorrelated to almost every other major asset class in the financial world ...
BITCOIN 300!!! Or Maybe Not…
(3/13/2015) - Originally published in the Bitcoin BullBear Weekly Report released on 3/13/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. What a week it has been as the battle over 300 $ continues.  Up until early this morning, we simply could not get a handle on the market whatsoever as technicals have become less helpful in the chop.  That being said, the move lower to our 289 $ downside target has provided just enough clarity for us to get back on track. While the shorter term outlook remains murky, most likely due to the fact that bitcoin is stuck in a trendless pattern and is ...

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