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Slow and Steady Progress in Bitcoinland Leads BBA to New Offering
(10/8/2015) - Originally published in The Bitcoin BullBear Report released on 10/7/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. The world is certainly a crazy place right now. Logic long ago took a back seat to emotion and hyperbole, but today it seems as though fantasy is driving the bus. Everywhere we turn there is noise meant to confuse and disorient us so that we can no longer differentiate reality from dream. Not anymore… Now that the whole XT fiasco is pretty much behind us we can go back to doing the important, yet difficult, work of keeping bitcoin as ideologically and technically consistent with ...
Bitcoin Forecast Review: Bitcoin Priced Plunged as Expected in August 2015
(10/3/2015) - Bitcoin Forecast Review Over the past fife years, bitcoin prices have been going through very volatile phases, followed by very stable, low volatility periods. Most recently, we are seeing one of those low volatile, stable periods. In our bitcoin forecast, we continuously analyse to predict the direction of breakouts of those “slow bitcoin” times. Earlier, a lot of talk was about bitcoin profits, but what about avoiding or reducing losses? Protecting Bitcoin Holdings A lot of people still hold significant stashes of bitcoins: Miners, early adopters, merchants, bitcoin speculators and bitcoin traders. While the bitcoin market went nearly exclusively up between ...
Bitcoin Gains Ground as XT Falls Behind
(9/28/2015) - Originally published in The Bitcoin BullBear Report released on 9/27/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. We think it is safe to say that Gavin and Mike, and their ill-fated Bitcoin XT project, have abjectly failed at garnering community-wide support. That said, they did serve to bring this issue to the forefront which has led to some fairly interesting discussion and proposals by the Core devs recently. As XT nodes continue to trend lower and major players distant themselves from that sideshow, we think GavinHearnCoin did help to catalyze some positive developments from those that truly matter in bitcoin. It now appears ...
Stock Market Forecast Update – September 25, 2015
(9/26/2015) - Stock Market Forecast Last week, we saw a “kiss and good bye” move in the S&P 500 and indeed, the broader stock market has continued its decline over the past few days: It fell to just under 1,910 points, bounced back to 1,952.89 on Friday and then finally reversed down again – closing the week significantly lower. Our S&P 500 SHORT position that we took in our Safe Asset and Wealth Protection Portfolio (SAW) is now up by +9.4%. And we are expecting this short position to yield much more profit. When we look at the weekly chart of the stock market forecast, it ...
Safe Asset and Wealth Protection Portfolio for September 23, 2015
(9/23/2015) - Macro Commentary With China’s main PMI coming in way under expectations, global markets remains trapped in this period of high uncertainty and high volatility.  It is just such conditions that prompted us to create the Safe Assets and Wealth Portfolio, and up until now it has been performing precisely as we envisioned.  Going forward we are looking for opportunities in select forex markets, and are also eager to find a spot to get back into the bitcoin market given the recent stability will come to an end in the not too distant future. SAW (Safe Asset & Wealth) Portfolio The ...
Stock Market Forecast Update – September 20, 2015
(9/20/2015) - Stock Market Forecast The stock market has been going through a very volatile period over the past months. For some, this has been surprising. For us at, this has not been much of a surprise: Both, from a technical and from a fundamental point of view, the stock market forecast is clearly bearish. This is also why we established a S&P 500 SHORT position already in May 2015 at 2,132.82 points. This position is up by +8.2% since the start of the Safe Asset and Wealth Protection Portfolio (SAW). When we look at the weekly chart of the stock market ...
Bitcoin Trades Sideways Despite No Rate Hike
(9/18/2015) - Originally published in The Bitcoin BullBear Report released on 9/18/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. If we take a look at the precious metals today and the bid they are catching, and then visit the bitcoin market we can see that there is a disconnect. The fact that the Fed said “no rate hike” yesterday should have been good for all sound money proxies, but bitcoin continues to languish… This tells us that there are some idiosyncratic risks that currently exist in the bitcoin market that do no exist in the legacy markets. The debate over the block size has raised ...
Bitcoin Remains in the Grips of Uncertainty
(9/3/2015) - Originally published in The Bitcoin BullBear Report released on 9/3/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. Not much to mention regarding the bitcoin market since the last Report given not much progress has been made on any of the controversial items that face the cryptocurrency. This dampening of volatility has also spilled over into the altcoin markets as all of crypto seems to be stuck like its 2012. While the situation regarding the bitcoin block size continues to grow more complex with each passing day given there seems to be a new BIP every 24 hours, the markets appear to be looking ...
Safe Asset and Wealth Protection Portfolio Update
(8/21/2015) - Macro Commentary As we have expected, the global growth picture looks gloomier every week. This global, financial and economic turmoil requires an adequate wealth preservation strategy, which is why we have been putting this SAW portfolio together in May 2015. SAW (Safe Asset & Wealth) Portfolio The Safe Asset and Wealth Protection (SAW) portfolio value is growing nicely: The total value is now 10,068 $, up +0.68% (and increasing further as we write this post as the S&P 500 is crashing further into the close – which is no surprise to us. Our portfolio performance of +0.68% is in stark contrast to ...
Bitcoin Face-Off Drags Prices Lower
(8/19/2015) - Originally published in The Bitcoin BullBear Report released on 8/19/2015.  Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. The past 24 hours has been trying for the bitcoin community, to put it mildly. While Gavin and Mike attempt to usurp the bitcoin network via an XT hardfork, price is telling us that investors are not pleased with how things are progressing. Ultimately price is truth, and the investors will decide who “wins”. There is so much going on in the world that is creating uncertainty for global financial markets from China to Greece to Brazil, the last thing bitcoin needs is additional idiosyncratic risk ...

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