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Latest Blog News and Articles:

Safe Asset and Wealth Protection Portfolio Update for February 12, 2016
(2/12/2016) - With China's main PMI coming in way under expectations, global markets remains trapped in this period of high uncertainty and high volatility. It is just such conditions that prompted us to create the Safe Assets and Wealth Portfolio, and up until now it has been performing precisely as we envisioned.
The BBA Show – Episode 4: Nodes, Yellen, and Ether
(2/11/2016) - Today Rich and I discuss the current state of nodes in the Classic vs. Core debate and how this effects our bitcoin price prediction, how Janet Yellen's testimony today could impact global economies, currencies, and commodities, and we touch on the ongoing bubble in Ether (the token of the Ethereum project) and how to play it from a trading perspective.
Global Woes Good for Bitcoin, But First Things First
(2/9/2016) - As global market jitters and economic uncertainty continue to increase throughout 2016, we think bitcoin is in a unique position to capture the imagination of struggling populations worldwide. That said, the HF and block size issues must be resolved before that can happen.
The BBA Show – Episode 3: Bitcoin Price Prediction, Fiat, and Gold
(2/4/2016) - Today Rich and I discuss the current state of bitcoin nodes and some bitcoin price predictions, what impacts currency wars and negative interest rates have on financial markets, and whether the breakout in gold has legs and what that means. We also touch on US Treasuries relative to other sovereign debt (ECB & BoJ).
The BBA Show – Episode 2: Hearn, Macro, & Ethereum Prices
(1/28/2016) - Hello everyone and welcome to the second episode of the BBA Show, a weekly broadcast focused on the major topics in bitcoin and cryptocurrency over the past week. Today Rich and I discuss Mike Hearn's departure from Bitcoin, the effects global macro events are having on fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies alike, and parabolic moves in Ether, the token of the Ethereum project, in addition to our Ethereum price prediction.
The US Dollar Crowbar
(1/27/2016) - In our last post, we talked a lot about the U.S. dollar, our US dollar forecast and its impact on commodity prices and foreign currencies. We looked at how the dollar has surged since 2014, and what affect that has had on global markets. We discussed what exactly happens when $9 trillion of debt the U.S. loaned out after the 2009 financial crisis begins to be repaid. In this article, let’s talk more about why the rise of the dollar has had such an impact on the global economy.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis: How to Predict Bitcoin Prices?
(1/24/2016) - Over the past five years, bitcoin prices have been going through very volatile phases, followed by very stable, low volatility periods. Most recently, we are seeing one of those low volatile, stable periods. In our bitcoin forecast, we continuously analyze to predict the direction of breakouts of those "slow bitcoin" times.
The BBA Show – Episode 1: China, Scalability, and Bitcoin Price Prediction
(1/14/2016) - Welcome to the first episode of the BBA Show, a weekly broadcast focused on the major topics in bitcoin and cryptocurrency over the past week. Today we are joined by Rich, a fellow bitcoin enthusiast and financial professional, who helps us dig deeper into what is going on with China's currency, how we might best scale the blockchain, and what are some bitcoin price predictions that might materialize in the near future.
The US Dollar: A View from the Top
(1/13/2016) - The absence of U.S. dollar inflation seems counterintuitive considering the Federal Reserve has printed over $1 trillion, and injected it into the economy. Despite their best efforts to get inflation, the Fed is facing a massive headwind. We believe there is an embedded short that global investors are scurrying to cover right now. This short squeeze is soaking up all those printed dollars, which is actually producing deflation – the opposite of what was intended.
Bitcoin Price Prediction: Beacon of Hope in Stormy Markets
(1/7/2016) - What a great way to start the New Year! 2016 is off to a bang, and from both a technical and fundamental perspective this looks poised to continue. While it is tough to say what will happen to the market after the halving, we are fairly sure that an upside bias will persist going into that event.
China Has a Trick Up It’s Sleeve
(1/5/2016) - I wanted to write this, because I’ve noticed a general unawareness of global macroeconomic trends that are currently playing out in the world. I’m interested in how these trends will affect certain asset prices – especially bitcoin. There’s been a lot of chatter about whether Chinese capital flows have previously and presently affected the bitcoin price. I wanted to put forth my two cents on the topic.
Bitcoin: The Year in Review from BBA
(12/22/2015) - As we get to the end of 2015 and move into the new year, we want to take a minute to reflect on what has taken place over the past 12 months. While it may not see like it, we have come a long way, both in terms of the market and the broader crypto ecosystem.
Bitcoin Price Prediction and Bitcoin Forecast for 2016 from BBA
(12/21/2015) - We are back with another edition of our yearly market projections for bitcoin and cryptocurrency! We here at BullBear Analytics do these bitcoin predictions mainly for fun (so take these with a grain of salt), but also to practice longer term forecasting given it is a much more difficult proposition. So much can happen over the course of a year that this essentially an exercise in futility, however we enjoy it and you enjoy it so lets get to it...
BBA Live Session – Fibonacci Analysis in Financial Markets
(12/15/2015) - Hello Fellow Traders! Today we will be discussing how to apply Fibonacci Analysis to financial markets in order to gain a trading advantage. We use the S&P 500 and BTC/USD to apply some basic principles and show some examples of efficacy. Enjoy! Thanks for tuning in! Until next time! Cheers, @AKWAnalytics
Closing Bitcoin’s Economic Loop: Some Thoughts on Coinbase
(12/5/2015) - Originally published in The Bitcoin BullBear Report released on 10/22/2015. Partial excerpt only. Written by @AKWAnalytics. While our weekly commentaries on the bitcoin market, and the bitcoin community, have been rather dire over the past year, we see light at the end of the tunnel.
Bitcoin Price Predictions: Info for Customers
(11/28/2015) - We can now construct a parallel trend channel from the August 2015 lows and the September 2015 highs. There are two distinctively different paths going forward: A continued rally towards 280-300 $ which is major resistance, or a decline through the up-sloping trend line and a retest of the August lows.

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