The fact that XRPBTC continues to hover above the 0.0000xxxx level despite the move below the ascending triangle uptrend line late last week shows just how strong the bulls remain

The bitcoin markets have held up surprisingly well over the past 24 hours in the face of still bearish technicals and still anemic network fundamentals...

After the blue SCMR reversal signal on the bounce off of the still bullish 200 SMA in XMRBTC last week there was certainly some room for optimism to start 201

ETHBTC has followed bitcoin's lead to the downside over the past 24 hours which has taken out strong dynamic support around the 0.0XX level

Given the way the technicals were developing yesterday it comes as no surprise that price moved away from the 4000 $ level to the downside, breaching the 3800 $ level on aggressive selling that does not yet appear to be over at this time.

We have started scaling back into POWR through this bear market