Cryptocurrency Trading: NEW Coverage of NXT

Jan 27, 2015 --- (ARCHIVED) Altcoin Price Reports

Written by S3052.
Cryptocurrency Trading: NEW and First Coverage of NXT
As part of our "free cryptocurrency trading week", we start covering the cryptocurrency trading forecast for NXT. NXT has a market capitalization of 12.53 $ million and is trading at 0.012530 $ at poloniex. In bitcoins, this amounts to 0.00005051 BTC per NXT coin.
NXT Forecast (NXT/BTC)
Long Term
NXT is in a persistent downtrend.
Trend DOWN. Bullish only above 0.00007 (target 1: 0.00009, target 2: 0.001445 = the previous all-time high).
Short Term
Since there was a panic sell-off this morning with huge trading volume, there is some room to the upside short term. NXT prices could quickly rally to the 0.00006 - 0.00007 area.
Trend UP as long as 0.00004012 holds. Bearish below this morning's 0.00004012 low.
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